Data erasure using software in a GDPR world


The European Union’s new GDPR law has had dramatic consequences since it came into effect – placing data security at the heart of business due diligence.

With companies seeking to avoid penalties from GDPR related lawsuits on data processing and protection, it is now more urgent for businesses to implement data policies to protect user data, especially where data is transferred from different regions of the world to and from the EU.

With software erasure comes a number of advantages however, using just software on its own without degaussing is not recommended.

With the Data Destruction Auditor, companies are able to verify data erasure that takes place as a hard drive or tape is being degaussed. The unique ability of this software allows companies to check their data destruction and removal efforts live, with a complete set of analytics that track the process of the data as it is removed from the disk.

For companies looking to protect sensitive information such as patient records, student addresses, Visa card numbers, social security numbers and more, safe data removal is essential.

When it comes to upgrading to new infrastructure, a business must ensure it can properly dismantle its older systems and remove the data from older hard drives and servers before they are recycled.

The EU’s GDPR law adds a layer of risk for companies that do no properly implement a data protection and destruction policy. Using the Data Destruction Auditor in combination with a certified Verity Systems Hard Drive Degausser or Destroyer can provide a total guarantee of data security and removal.

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