Hard Drive destroyer software : The best way to destroy hard drives


Using a hard drive destroyer software allows a business to automatically erase a hard disk and verify that all the data has been removed.

A typical hard drive shredder or destroyer will be able to break down a hard disk into small pieces so that it can’t be used in the future. A software solution allows the operator to monitor the destruction process as the drive is broken down by the machine. Hard drives can be destroyed as well through degaussing where software can record the erasure, however specialist equipment is needed in order to make sure that data is removed, rather than simply written over.

The Data Destruction Auditor by Verity Systems does two things. One, it enables the operator to document all the details of a hard drive before it goes through the erasure process. Two, it can be connected to a degausser and/or hard drive destroyer so that the destruction process is logged for transparency and data handling reports.

Professional hard drive destroyer software can connect and monitor the erasure process live. With Verity Systems, the Data Destruction Auditor does this through handshake technology, meaning that the destruction of the hard drive is recorded as it happens between the degausser / hard drive destroyer and the software.

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