Hard drive and disk erasure software – the benefits for businesses


Hard drive erasure tools such as the Verity Systems Data Destruction Auditor are essential if businesses want to verify their data erasure efforts. This is particularly the case in terms of complying with data laws and new regulations.

There have been a number of high profile data breaches in the past year, where companies were fined millions of dollars because their client data and patient records were downloaded, and used by hackers who sold the data. This in turn meant that credit card details, sensitive information and contact details such as addresses and names were made available online.

Data breaches can cost a fortune and damage company reputations. Using hard drive erasure tools, companies can verify that they are not only erasing hard drives and the data on them, but report on the fact that there is no longer any accessible data.

With a solution like the Data Destruction Auditor, businesses can track and erase their hard drives through a simple interface, and log all the information about that individual hard drive such as its serial number, manufacturer and date it was destroyer. However there is a different between software erasure and software disk erasure with degaussing.

Standard software data wiping has its limits. It can’t physically erase the data off a disk volume, therefore, in the future, that data could be retrieved. However with data erasure software connected to a hard drive degausser such as the Verity Systems DataGauss XL, it is possible to measure not only the data being wiped off the disk, but also the intensity of the gauss field, and many other measurements to be 100% sure that data was removed. Once a hard drive passes through an intense magnetic field, the data is stripped off magnetically, and can be verified with a solution such as the Data Destruction Auditor.

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