Auditing and Exports


Auditing and Exports

Using the Data Destruction Auditor is a simple process for the operator, with its inbuilt data field dashboard for companies looking to document data destruction.

For every hard drive or tape that is processed, the Data Destruction Auditor creates audit-ready reports for even the most stringent data regulations such as GDPR. The operator will be able to document with precision all the technical information of each hard drive, the manufacturer, serial number, and other custom fields. This allows a company to have complete reports at all times for any destruction that takes place, with verification so that in future, data can be retrieved for compliance purposes, reviews, and external audits. This also protects businesses from possible fines from regulators as they can demonstrate their destruction processes and show exactly what has been erased.

Once data has been inputted, the operator can simply choose to export a comprehensive report of every hard drive that has been processed. This includes the option of server backups so that companies can store permanent records of their data destruction efforts with redundant backups for full transparency and data disclosure.

Export files will be formatted in standard .csv files which are compatible with Microsoft Excel. The Data Destruction Auditor can connect with hard drive degaussers as well as the Verity Systems Hard Drive Destroyer, the Crunch 250 among other models.

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