Data Destruction

Data Destruction

The Data Destruction Auditor comes with a full suite of data recording options to ensure data destruction is carried out and verified on each disk that is processed.

Depending on the hard drive or tape that is being degaussed or destroyed, the Data Destruction Auditor will use handshake technology to verify each stage of the destruction process.

A typical hard drive will take several seconds on the DataGauss LG degausser when connected to the Data Destruction Auditor. As the hard drive passes through the degaussing field, the software will record and measure in realtime the degaussing field providing the user with an on-screen dashboard showing the process in action.

Once data has been completed erased from the data medium, the operator will be able to see a notification of the successful completion of the process. This documents all the relative fields and hard drive information that can then be exported for auditing purposes.


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